Dr Samhar AlSayed

General Dentist and Implantologist

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Dr. Samhar AlSayed is a passionate and dedicated general and cosmetic dentist based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A highly motivated and confident healthcare professional committed to providing the best quality patient care through communication and high quality service. Skilled team player who is looking for an opportunity to provide the best treatment outcomes for patients and the practice Dr. Samhar earned his Dental Surgery Degree (DDS) and graduated “Excellent” with honors in 2018 from Ajman University.

He also obtained his ITI implant privilege Mastership Programme, CAPP in October 2021. Dr. Samhar makes every effort to stay on top of the line to provide quality dental treatments and services to all his patients to aim excellence and perfection when it comes to both general and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Samhar’s scope of dental expertise is diagnosing & treating abnormalities, extractions, root canals and fillings, fixing & removing prosthetics, cosmetic procedures including whitening and dental veneers, crown, bridge replacement, enamel repair, educating patients for proper oral hygiene and more.

Dr. Samhar is currently working full-time at French Dental Clinic as general and cosmetic dentist from 2023.