Dr Puzante Balmanouguian

Specialist Orthodontist

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Dr. Puzant Balmanouguian is an Armenian Specialist Orthodontist. He graduated from PIERRE ET MARIE CURIE (PARIS VI) and RENE DESCARTES (PARIS V) Universities in Paris, France obtaining DU in Pediatric Orthodontics and CES in Dento Maxillofacial Orthodontics.

He gained his experience and extended from Paris to Saudi Arabia and to the United Arab Emirates for more than 23 years.

As a Specialist Orthodontist , Dr. Puzant Balmanouguian has helped thousands of patients achieve their oral health goals during his entire career. He is currently a licensed and affiliated Specialist Orthodontist at French Dental Clinic located at Dubai HealthCare CIty. As part of his work, he performs all types of orthodontic treatments and adjusts tooth position for a straighter and wider smile of all his patients focused on excellence and perfection.

Dr. Puzant specializes in both pediatric and adult orthodontic treatments and caters to the needs of both growing children, teens, as well as adults. 

He started working with the French Dental Clinic in 2014. Dr Puzant treated a lot of difficult cases when it comes to orthodontic treatments. Dr. Puzant also speaks English, Arabic, French, Armenian and Turkish.